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Unfit to participate in society

10 February
Cell D5, Black Gazza
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These are some of the thoughts of prisoner P-60369, currently held at Black Gazza Correction Facilities Annex, a converted space station above Pberl in the world of Shye, 20 light years from the main Black Gazza facility on Duotarin.

Note to readers: This is an entirely fictional journal based on roleplaying. Updates may or may not occur often; when they do, they'll usually be based on or at least inspired events at the Black Gazza facility in Second Life, but artistic freedom may apply.

Note to roleplayers: If you're wondering how a prisoner at a secure facility can keep an online journal, keep in mind that the journal is the medium the player is choosing to put down the character's thoughts: the character, P-60369, is not aware of the journal, just like characters in a book aren't aware of the book, either.